My First Kitchen

Diwali doesn’t have to be all laddoos and barfis

The festive season is upon us. If you are Indian, or know about Indian culture, Diwali (or Deepavali) is a prominent holiday that everyone talks about – and why not? The triumph of good over evil, the new clothes, the spring cleaning, praying for health, wealth, and happiness; colourful rangoli, hordes of sweets, fireworks and crackers, the rains… these are just a few reasons that make Diwali my favorite holiday, and perhaps the only one I really celebrate – it’s like easter, thanksgiving, and christmas all rolled into one, and then some.

The most prominent of Diwali practices is the exchange of sweets – laddoos and barfis, nuts and dried fruit, and everything in between. It’s exciting at first, but after a point you’re receiving and eating so much of it, that you no longer know who gave it to you, and all of them start tasting the same – putting you off from eating sweets for the rest of the year, and pushing you to work out for the rest of the year as well, just to burn off all the weight you put on during the festive season.

My family has always had this tradition of sharing holiday gift boxes filled with cookies and/or chocolates each Diwali. After 8 years of doing this, I found myself getting bored of it – it was predictable, and mindless; the spirit of gift giving was lost on me. Instead, I decided to mix things up, and got creative! The result? Was this…

What you see here is a completely homemade gift box, start to finish, painstakingly created with love for my closest friends and family!

Decorative eggless sugar cookies

Coconut & Cardamom truffles, and

White chocolate bark with saffron and nuts,

each packaged individually before being placed in a decorative box, with a personalized note inside – something different, something unique, and something definitely worth remembering, just to show your love and care 🙂

Try something new this festive season – cookies, jams, preserves, truffles; there is just so much you can do! Feel free to check out my Pinterest for ideas.


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