Sprouted Mung Bean Stir Fry

Everyone is similar with the concept of a stir-fry. However, the ones we are most aware of are far eastern recipes. By definition, several Indian food items are stir-fried, and they constitute those very few Indian dishes that are low in calories and carbs, easy to digest, and very healthy to consume in large quantities. One such dish uses sprouted mung beans as it’s base.

Around the world (mostly in meat eating countries), the mung bean is seen as a grotesque food, equated to brussel sprouts or broccoli, and usually avoided. However, the mung bean is so versatile, and so dear to Indian cooking. If you happen to be weary of mung beans, this is the dish that is likely to chase your fears and disgust away. It is so simple, and so flavorful, that you find yourself coming back for seconds, and even thirds.

Go ahead, try it out. Here goes the recipe:

Beige Tuna Sandwich Recipe Card.png

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