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Dark Chocolate Ganache

Whether it’s a quick dessert, a spread on bread, or a decadent icing for cake, chocolate ganache is simple happiness in a bowl, and so easy to make. Ganache is a french glaze – so, naturally, I assumed that it’s going to be difficult to make, requires technique, and perhaps a diploma from Le Cordon Bleu to execute it. However, one ambitious afternoon, I tried my hand at it, and realised that, well… IT’s EASY! 😀

Ever since, it takes me no longer than 5-minutes and a handful of ingredients to whip up a quick little batch to use. I don’t even have to feel to guilty eating it, because I have a little trick. What is it? Find out here.

Now that you know what it is (if you don’t, you haven’t checked the link), let’s begin:

Brown Cream Cookies General Recipe Card.png

Bon Appetit!

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