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The Fluffiest Omelettes Ever

Cooking for one person can be a complete pain, even for the most avid cook. And then there’s the question of variety; cooking for one, or even eating by one’s self doesn’t allow me to sample different things. So, what to do about those meals where I am craving everything savory under the sun? I now have the perfect solution – my all-time favorite meal: the humble OMELETTE.

2 regular eggs, a splash of milk, and I can add in just about any cheese, meat or veggie into it – giving me a wholesome meal, under 10 mins, for just one person. A simple dish that my mum taught me to make at the age of 12 is now one of the most sought after preparations from my kitchen. Not to brag, but I make a mean omelette! 😛

Have you noticed how the omelettes that you get at restaurants have this fluffiness to them that you just don’t seem to get with homemade omelettes? The secret is: MILK. Milk gives eggs creaminess, fluffiness, and fullness, making 2 little eggs go a looooooooooong way. And the end result:

Fluffy omelette

voila! (A/N And this is just a skinny 1-egg, plain omelette)

Here’s how you do it:

Teal and Cream with Breakfast General Recipe Card

Let me know how your omelette turns out! 😀

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