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Get.. Set.. Go! A week’s worth of healthy eating (Meal Plan)

Creating a meal plan for the week is hard enough; Doing it for the first time is the most stressful thing ever – what do I make? What groceries do I need? Will I have enough groceries? Do I have too much?

Now, add to this the shortage of time to shop and cook, due to a job perhaps. You’ll find yourself reverting to unhealthy eating pretty soon. Don’t give in. I know how much I struggled to figure out what to cook everyday. So, I don’t want you to go through the same thing.

To help you out, here is a week’s worth of meals you can make for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (also, snacks if you get hungry in between): 28 unique ideas for the week, so that larger portion preps could just as easily allow you to stretch this meal plan for 2 weeks. Have a look:

Week 1

Now you know what to make. How about some grocery shopping? Don’t break your head over it. Here’s a grocery list as well:

Groceries for week 1.png

If it’s your first time shopping for groceries, this may seem a lot. You’ll also be left with a huge dent in your pocket. But, it gets easier and lighter as the weeks pace, I promise. And like I said, this list complements the meal plan. So, 2-week meal plan = 2 weeks worth of groceries! 😀

What’s the final step? It’s time to cook. Look out for these recipes on my blog. They’ll be up and running soon. Let’s get you started on your first day, though… HAPPY SHOPPING!!

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