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The Devil’s Double – using substitutes (Part 1)

Research supports the belief that the human body is designed for simple foods. Add to that our sedentary lifestyles, and greasy, preservative filled, synthetic instant food, and what you’re left with is a scenario that leads to incredibly unhealthy bodies, prone to weight gain, and sickness. But, with so many temptations out there, guilt or regret usually follows the act of eating. Who says, though, that you can’t have your cake and eat it to? I certainly don’t! 😛

To balance out the craving for indulgence with a relatively healthy option can be a hard task, but in my experience, it is not impossible. In this post, I tell you about my favorite substitute – MILK. Right of the bat, I want to let you know that I HATE milk – I simply cannot get myself to drink it. While I know that many of you would agree with me on this point, just imagine, if someone who hates milk so much is advocating it’s use as a substitute (for cream), there must be some truth to the matter, right?

First things first, if you want to indulge, but you want to be mindful of your caloric intake as well, then here are some stats for you:

The Devil's Double

So, it’s pretty obvious that milk is the healthier choice, unless you are on a KETO diet (but more about that later). I substitute milk when making salted caramel sauce, and chocolate ganache, both of which allow me to make a massive array of dessert topics, or simply sauces for an ice cream sundae. Whatever I have used these substitutions for, they have worked out just fine, even with savoury sauces and gravies – and with quarter the caloric intake of cream. Talk about binge-eating on a budget! 😀

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