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The Devil’s Double: Using Substitutes (Part 2)

It is said, and often tried, to eliminate carbohydrates from our diets when trying to lose weight, get fit, or just wanting to live a healthier lifestyle. But, the thing about carbs is that they are addictive, and form a significant part of our every day diets. Therefore, most often, we are only able to stay on a low carb diet for a very short duration. What we fail to realize is that carbs are found in most foods. Therefore, there is another way to keep the uptake of carbs reasonable beyond consuming rice, burgers, pizzas, and other breads.

One such alternate I have quite recently begun to realize is: CAULIFLOWER rice. And here’s why:

The Devil's Double - Part 2 Trust me when I say this – Cauliflower Rice is delicious!! Did I mention that cauliflower makes a fantastic substitute for breads and mash too? Look out for recipes on the blog, and let me know of your experiments with cauliflower as well!! 😀


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