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Chicken Biryani

It’s a known fact around the world that India is a very diverse country. We have diversity in every imaginable sense – different food, different languages, different religions, different beliefs, different preferences. But, one major unifying factor in India is probably the country’s love for Biryani. We may not be able to agree upon whose biryani is the best, but a steaming plate of biryani placed on the table is enough to end any war.

The hard-core meat eater, the environment-conscious vegans, the irritatingly knit-picky eaters, the spice lovers, those that need bland food, all find themselves drooling at the sight of biryani – that’s just how versatile this humble rice dish is.

And humble is exactly what it is – some rice, some spices, and some time on the stove is all it takes for magic to take place. Which means, cooking a plate of steaming, fragrant biryani doesn’t have to be difficult. So, the next time you have a hankering for some biryani, I have just the recipe for you!

Note: The recipe is for a chicken and rice version, the chicken can very easily be replaced with egg, mutton, or veggies. Cauliflower can replace the rice just as easily, should you wish for a ketogenic version, but more on that later.

For now, get out your biggest cooking pot, and make yourself some restaurant-quality biryani!


Et voila!

Chicken Biryani

Add some raita, a bit of saalan, and some pickled onion, and get ready for a long post-meal nap! 😛

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